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  1. 080

    Dream diaries

    Did you all survive the solar eclipse? No one missing or one too many in your household? Good. But if you want to see what the Moon really brings, you have to get our dream diary! We’re so proud to bring out a new vessel of Lovecraft’s and perhaps soon your own dreams …


  2. 079

    Fantasy Lost

    TV report about the third Genrenale in Berlin, film festival of German genre cinema. Last year our third teaser premiered there, this year the festival program grew to two full days and drew attention by German film biz veterans like director Dominik Graf. He complained about the total lack of fantasy films in Germany right at the beginning of this video clip. – Well, we’re working on it!

  3. 078

    Pnakotic Printings

    The pages of our dream diaries have been printed now, will be turned into books next!

  4. 077

    Dream case

  5. 076


    Each Dream Cycle story that is included in our dream diary will feature a title design by calligrapher Natascha Safarik. Here are two examples – don’t forget to check out her other artworks on her website!

  6. 075

    Third Draft

    Happy holidays and a wonderful new year to you all! Watch the latest video update for new information about our current production status:

  7. 074

    Advent season

    We recently made a shorter version of the trailer for interested producers and other film financing contacts we’re currently in talks with. With a little more than 3 minutes you can compare it better with usual movie trailers. Like our first commenter on this video.

    Thank you so much, we’ve come a good way now – we’re halfway through with the first wave of crowdfunding rewards and we’re looking forward to shoot this next year!

    A joyful Advent season to all!

  8. 073

    Starry night

    Dream Stars have arrived, shipping starts now!

    Dream diaries will arrive in two weeks, pillow cases in three weeks. Very sorry that some of you have to wait after Christmas, but there were unexpected delays on the manufactur’s side. Those who have ordered ‘Lighter Slumber’ Bundles or ‘Basalt Pillars’ and above will be contacted and asked if we should split the shipping. It would raise our shipping costs, but if it is important for you to have it on Christmas we will do what we can!

  9. 072

    The White Shirt

    Now the shirts have arrived too – shipping will start in a week! This is going to be a lot of work, but timing is perfect, since we’re waiting for feedback by some producers who are currently reading our script.

    Very sorry about forgetting to add the Dream Star to our online store as well as the ‘Lighter Slumber’ Bundle – both are now available, too.

    And what about all the other rewards? Great news for all those who learned about this project only after the crowdfunding campaign was finished: We’ve been selected by IndieGoGo for a new pilot program, called Forever Funding, that lets us extend our campaign indefinitely! This means all rewards are available for as long as we’d like, which is perfect for such a long-term project like ours by giving latecomers the chance to become part of this.

  10. 071

    Time what is Time

    The calendars have arrived and our online store has now been opened for you if you’re looking for unique Christmas gifts!

    Oh, and what I forgot to tell in the video: All articles are available for the reduced prices of our crowdfunding campaign till the end of this month! This is the opportunity for those who came in later and for every contributor who wants to boost his/her backing of this project!