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  1. 070


    We have made a short trip to Italy to visit a possible shooting location (Castello di Sammezzano) and since it’s Halloween today we decided to give a little nod towards the found-footage horror film genre in our latest video update:

    In other news: The first wave of crowdfunding rewards is on its way. We have ordered the calendars and the pillow cases. Dream diary will be completed very soon, too. We expect all goods to arrive in late November / early December so that we can ship them to you before Holiday season.

  2. 069

    Final Portals

    We have finally finished our shirt designs! All contributors who ordered a shirt should have already received a message by our production assistant Jan, so that you can let us know which version you’d like to have and which size, etc. If you haven’t received that message yet, then feel free to contact us.

    And for all who would like to order a(nother) shirt, we will launch an online store on our website next month, so that late-comers are able to get Dreamlands gear and to support us.

  3. 068

    Capital C

    A documentary about changing the world by crowdfunding – made by fellow Germans!

    Huan Vu is soon going to meet the director at a joint panel about crowdfunding by Creative Europe in Munich on Oct 9th where he will showcase “The Dreamlands” (event is already outsold though with a long queue).

  4. 067

    Lost & found

    We’re closing in on 121% – crowdinvesting still open till we have reached 100,000 EUR in that branch, which is the maximum allowed in Germany for this type of crowdinvesting agreement.

    Any other news? We have lost a perfect location: Schloss Johannstorf – an old mansion at the German Baltic Coast where Michael Haneke’s “The White Ribbon” was filmed will be renovated next year and won’t be available for filming anymore. And we have found a perfect location: the Seegrotte near Vienna – Europe’s largest underground lake, already seen in the US-American reality TV show “The Quest” and 1993’s “The Three Musketeers”.

  5. 066

    En route

    Jan and me quickly shot this last campaign video update to thank you all:


    And well, this looks to be our greatest fan – incredible!

  6. 065

    Dreams come true


    On Friday we hit 100% on IndieGoGo and now before the last day we already got to 110% – that’s incredible! A big thank you from the whole Dreamlands crew, this is a dream come true!

    And a big thank you goes back to this fantastic team, too, making this possible. The perfect moment to put the full credits roll on our website: Click on the link to see a full list of our team.

    A complete list of every person who deserves our thanks would be endlessly long – all contributors and investors, all partners (see section “Prophets” on the campaign page), everyone who shared our project on the web or by word-of-mouth, everyone who spread flyers, and so on … THANK YOU!

  7. 064

    New portals

    As promised we are now revealing two alternative shirt designs created by Patrick Wittstock! They’re not final though. We wanted to put in the White Ship for example, but didn’t manage to render the image in time.

    If you like these drafts then please consider contributing again! More than 450 of you have taken the DVD/Blu-ray or Collector’s Edition – for only 20 EUR (27 USD) you will get one of these shirts too (we will ask you which one and which size and male or female later on). Plus you get the Dreamer status: Meaning your name will be mentioned in the film’s credit roll and you will receive access to exclusive online behind-the-scenes content during production.

    Just imagine if 200 of those 450 would do that now, we would reach the goal instantly! That’s how close we are now, so please consider!

  8. 063


    San Diego Comic-con is over, the world’s largest event for nerds and geeks – let’s hope the White Ship could pick up many new friends. Again a thousand thanks to Gwen & Brian of Arkham Bazaar and Mike of witchhouserocks.com who enthusiastically promoted our project to the crowd there! (They even forced a fan of ‘Die Farbe’ in front of their camera as you can see here ;-))

    We’re doing well in the last few days, let’s hope we can keep up the momentum.

    In other news: Our online research and talks with local film commissions brought up some really interesting locations at the German Baltic Coast and a fantastic castle in Italy. Nothing decided yet, but it looks good. Very exciting!

  9. 062

    City of Pillars

    Shohei Yamasita is one of our illustrators. You might know his creature artwork from the wallpaper that we have released during the first campaign. Now you can see it in its original form. And below you can find a new concept drawing showing us Roland in a lost city full of marble pillars und ruins.

    Shohei previously worked on the fantastic animated short film adaptations of three of H.P. Lovecraft’s work by director Ryo Shinagawa – watch trailer here. He lives in Japan and works as illustrator, production designer and props/puppets maker.