The Project

THE DREAMLANDS is a fantasy film project whose minimal budget has been funded through crowdinvesting and a crowdfunding campaign on

Three teaser trailers have been released as a lead up to the fundraiser launch.
These trailers offer a preview of the planned film. Furthermore, this website will be introducing the cast, team and supporting artists who are involved with this project.

And this will be, as soon as the financing is complete, the very first film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle and one of the most ambitious and lavish independent films ever made.

The Production

Principle filming will be done entirely in English with an international cast who will be cast as the production process moves along.

Initial production of the film, with a planned running time of 90 min., is to be completed by the end of 2017. The post-production process could possibly, due to unforeseen delays or necessary re-shoots, last into 2018.

The Story

German Reich, Baltic Sea coast, 1907. Upon learning of the grave illness of his beloved Karoline, Roland, a young and aspiring journeyman sets out to the legendary Dreamlands in order to find a cure. Unfortunately, this magical world, sustained by the dreams of Karoline, is threatened to be destroyed by the forces of chaos. It’s only hope lies in the timely coronation of a new king. Roland faces a difficult decision: Will he ascend the throne or follow his heart and continue his quest to rescue Karoline?