Sustain the Dream!

During our initial campaign in 2015 we received more than 150,000 EUR by crowdfunding on IndieGoGo and crowdinvesting on this website. A huge success that initiated the first-ever live-action film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle.

Production was planned to begin in 2016 and be completed till 2020, but things developed differently. After a complete screenplay rewriting funded by our regional film board and ultimately ill-fated negotiations with established producers and film production companies we decided to get back on track and conducted a first block of shooting in late summer 2018.

Now, with a brand-new trailer, some light bruises and many lessons learned we have to ask you for support again. We need at least 25,000 EUR more to be able to complete this project. The screenplay has changed dramatically throughout the years and the first block of shooting clearly showed us that we have to calculate more conservatively in the future.

If you want us to continue this journey with more security and a higher probability of quality and success, please consider the following investment model. It allows investors to take part in the film’s potential success and to share in any possible profits and returns. The key points are listed below. Please fill out the form and return it to us if you are interested so that we can, in return, send you the contractual documents and further information concerning the crowdinvestment program.

Sustain the Dream:
107% raised of 180,000 EUR
142,175 EUR
192,243 EUR
  • Silent partnership
  • Minimum contribution: 125 EUR
  • Tranche maximum: 100,000 EUR
    (per year)
  • Investors will receive annual share of 80% of the profits earned by the Sphärentor UG in relation to their investment.
  • Participation in losses will be limited to the amount of the investment with no further obligation above this amount.
  • Right to refund after termination.
  • Period of notice: 12 months from the end of the fiscal year
  • Minimum term: At least 6 months
  • Subordination agreement: Yes
  • Transfer to third parties: Possible upon agreement
  • Provision in case of death: All rights pass on to the investors heirs or estate executors in case of the investor’s death.
  • Investors of at least 5,000 EUR will be listed in all publications with the corresponding title of EXECUTIVE PRODUCER. And by companies, if desired, the company’s logo can also be used.
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Silent partnership 

In a silent partnership (stille Gesellschaft), an investor has a financial participation in another commercial business. As the name indicates, a silent partnership is not a legal entity by itself. Therefore, except for an investment in a stock corporation, a silent partnership is not registered in any official register and allows the investor to avoid disclosure of his investment. The contribution of a silent partner is a mere financial investment in another commercial business and therefore not considered as equity. Depending on the contractual basis, a silent partner most commonly may participate in profits and losses or in profits only. As any other lender, a silent partner has no voting rights in the business in which he has invested.

Profits from a silent partnership are taxed as capital gains in Germany (around 25%, annual tax exemption: 801 EUR). Investors from other countries may be eligible for capital gains tax relief.

Provision of information 

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Last update: June 2019