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    It’s time for a new artwork: This conceptual illustration by Mike Dubisch is special since it reveals that we are going to have a female character in our story. There aren’t many female characters in Lovecraft’s original works, so we chose to name her “Yidhra” after the Dream Witch introduced by Lovecraftian author Walter C. DeBill, Jr.

    Our Yidhra seems to be loyal to King Kuranes when Roland meets her, but soon he will find out that she is willing to pursue her own goals, too.

  2. 059

    Schroedinger’s Cat

  3. 058

    Wes Studi

    Huge announcement! Legendary Native American Cherokee actor Wes Studi has joined the cast of “The Dreamlands”! Studi rose to fame through his iconic roles in films like “Dances with Wolves” by Kevin Costner, “The Last of the Mohicans” by Michael Mann, “The New World” by Terrence Malick and “Avatar” by James Cameron.

    His incredible screen presence and extensive experience is obviously pushing our project to a whole new level. Please spread this great news everywhere – only 20 days left!

  4. 057

    Limited Specimen

    There is a new special perk! Director Huan Vu and co-producer Jan Roth are giving up their very own Limited Specimen Editions of “Die Farbe”:

  5. 056

    Andrew Divoff

    This is a big announcement! We’re proud to tell you that we could win actor Andrew Divoff for our film project! He is best known for his iconic role as the evil djinn in Wes Craven’s “Wishmaster” and as Mikhail Bakunin in J.J. Abram’s landmark TV series “Lost”.

    We are thankful for the trust Andrew puts in our project. This is a great opportunity for us all. Let’s spread this great news everywhere – only 28 days left!

  6. 055

    Zombie King

    Meet Josef Rarach (www.fxcreator.pro)! He is a make-up and special effects specialist from Prague, Czech Republic and he is eager to collaborate with us on “The Dreamlands”. Including Dave Snyder who already worked on the last two “Star Trek” movies and “Pirates of the Caribbean” we therefor can bring in two experts of their field and create really impressive things. Help us to bring Josef and Dave to our team – only 30 days left!

  7. 054

    Dream Star

    Let’s have a closer look at the Dream Star in our latest video update – director Huan Vu explains the symbolic meaning behind the design:

    Dream Star prototypes by Teptec Studios:

  8. 053

    Enchanted woods

    91% – We’re getting closer and closer!

    It’s been a while since we have showcased artworks and that’s why we decided to pick Huan Vu’s aunt Cam Phuong Hua-Nguyen – she’s a classical painter and has created some mood concepts for us as well as a banner for events, see below. And check out her website l’art de phuong for some more examples of her work.

    Lost in Time and Space

    Lost in Time and Space

    Enchanted Woods

    Enchanted Woods

    Enchanted Woods

    Enchanted Woods

    Enchanted Woods

    Enchanted Woods



  9. 051

    Poster Preview

    We’re back on track with a total of around 44,800 EUR collected by crowdinvesting and crowdfunding, and so we can continue to show you previews of things to come. Let’s talk about our movie poster for example, which will be created by Martin Schlierkamp, here is the first draft:

    Since we have restructured our perks, you can pre-order this poster (841 x 1189 mm, signed by Huan Vu) directly following this link for only 30 EUR, shipping included (you all probably know how expensive shipping of rolled posters is).

    Speaking of posters: We’re engaging this second campaign much better prepared. This time we also have beautiful promotion posters illustrated by French artist François ‚Goomi’ Launet  (known for beloved ‘Unspeakable Vault of Doom’). We are going to send them out to gaming stores, cinema theaters, etc.

    And feel free to post this image on Facebook, Twitter, message boards – there are many more DREAMERS out there, we only have to find them …