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    Happy 125th birthday

    Happy 125th birthday Mr. Lovecraft! To the Great Dreamer, may he live forever thanks to us – I can see him riding through the valleys of Ooth-Nargai, sailing on white ships to distant shores, blissfully watching his ever-growing kingdom.

    Here are two pictures we took when we passed by in Providence after Frontières in Montréal:

    We also visited Marblehead north of Boston – Lovecraft adored this cozy harbour town and it served him as inspiration for Kingsport.

    Greetings to all you Lovecraft fans out there – especially those who are celebrating in Providence today with a big invocation! ;)

    In other news:
    Braunschweig International Filmfestival is going to celebrate the 125th birthday by screening 3 Lovecraftian feature films, including our “Die Farbe”, and 14 short films on November 6th and 7th.  Huan Vu will attend and give the audience a small glimpse into the future regarding “The Dreamlands”.