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    Dream Castle

    Anyone 15 million euros to spare? Castello di Sammezzano has been put up to auction!
    After visiting our dream location back in October 2014 we came back with the information that we would have to act really quick, since renovation works to turn it into a luxurious hotel would start in spring 2015. But as you all know our strategy and timetable changed fundamentally when we received screenplay funding. Thus, we abandoned the idea to proceed.

    Loose contact with the castle’s old administrator broke up during the last year. But now, thanks to a German blogger, we found out what happened: British-Italian investment fond owning the estate has filed bankruptcy and was forced to put it up to auction. First two auctions in autumn failed. Now the price tag has been lowered from 22 to 15 million euros for the third attempt this month.

    We will keep our eyes on this.