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    Hi there! I catched a flu after Berlin, not feeling very well at the moment. But on dream level everything is still looking good. New screenplay raised very positive feedback so far, in Germany as well as abroad.

    Next weeks will be dominated by negotiating contracts and agreements. In a way it’s like marrying, so everyone involved needs some time to be sure. We have set ourselves a deadline for May for all of this. Either we find us in a solid production structure till then with a clear path and strategy how to get this film fully funded or we will abandon this time-consuming ‘professional’ approach and go our own ways.

    Thanks to everyone for holding on! I wish things would progress more quickly, but unfortunately that’s how the film industry works if you’re not a famous filmmaker yet.

    In the meantime, please check out this crazy Lovecraft encyclopedia by a friend of mine which is currently in the making. A must-have for every Lovecraftian collector! Yes, it’s officially endorsed by me, so this means it is definitely possible to summon something by using this tome… (Do mind it’s in German though, the incarnations are hidden and you have to get all pronunciations absolutely right – you don’t want to end up like good ol’ Friedrich Wilhelm von Junzt, do you?)