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  1. 091

    No one forgets it

    Today marks the 5th anniversary of our last film “Die Farbe”! We’re super proud to see that still people are discovering our little strange film and we’re glad to still receive media coverage from time to time.

    Wow, haven’t checked reviews at amazon.com for almost a year – many of the comments are really touching to read for us as filmmakers. That’s why we’re here, doing what we do. For you. The audience. The audience that understands.

    Shooting “Die Farbe” is already 7 years ago – it’s definitely time to make a new one! Let’s hope that damned screenplay is going to be finished soon… ;-)

  2. 090

    Happy 125th birthday

    Happy 125th birthday Mr. Lovecraft! To the Great Dreamer, may he live forever thanks to us – I can see him riding through the valleys of Ooth-Nargai, sailing on white ships to distant shores, blissfully watching his ever-growing kingdom.

    Here are two pictures we took when we passed by in Providence after Frontières in Montréal:

    We also visited Marblehead north of Boston – Lovecraft adored this cozy harbour town and it served him as inspiration for Kingsport.

    Greetings to all you Lovecraft fans out there – especially those who are celebrating in Providence today with a big invocation! ;)

    In other news:
    Braunschweig International Filmfestival is going to celebrate the 125th birthday by screening 3 Lovecraftian feature films, including our “Die Farbe”, and 14 short films on November 6th and 7th.  Huan Vu will attend and give the audience a small glimpse into the future regarding “The Dreamlands”.

  3. 089


    Quick round-up since there is a lot of work to do right now:
    Frontières was great for us – four days full of 20 minute meetings brought us a lot of new business acquaintances. Everyone is waiting for the new screenplay draft now, among them some bigger names. So let’s do this!

    In Montréal the sky is the limit

    Our speed dating desk

    More posters than everyone else!

    Wrap-up took us a whole day, but it was raining anyway

    When I got this can I was like ‘You gotta be kidding me?’

  4. 088

    Final gathering

    Off to Montréal: Director and writer Huan Vu about the final step of our networking phase.

  5. 087

    Dreamy Zagreb

    Back from European Genre Forum in Zagreb: Made lots of new friends and contacts

  6. 086


    Rejoice! We have been selected for the “Frontières” genre co-production market during Fantasia International Film Festival in Montréal – which is one of the biggest genre film festivals in the world:

    And we also have been invited to the European Genre Forum at Fantastic Zagreb – many thanks to the organizers and also to the Goethe-Institut Kroatien!


    “The main goal of this international project is to connect young and upcoming as well as already proven European film talents, producers, directors, screenwriters and others I.E. development, promotion and financial support of film, television and web projects with a strong European and regional focus as well as international co-productions beyond European framework through cooperation with European film funds, national film centres, production studios etc.”

  7. 085

    Marché du Film

    Cannes was quite an experience – left with a good feeling! Let’s see what will develop out of the new contacts we made and the existing contacts that we kept up. Things certainly remain exciting.

  8. 084

    Yes We Cannes

    Going to Cannes tomorrow with new promotional material in the bag.

  9. 083

    First funding

    It’s official now – MFG, the film funding board of Baden-Württemberg, has granted us 28.000 EUR! This is probably the first time that a crowdfunded feature film project is recognized by a governmental film funding institution in Germany and probably also the first time ever that a Lovecraft adaptation is receiving public funding. For us it is the first time, too, and we are looking forward now towards this upcoming cooperation.

    Big thanks to you all, without you we never would have come so far! It’s hard to say no, if there is such a clear demand for a film like “The Dreamlands”.

  10. 082

    Nautilus #134

    Interview with director Huan Vu in latest edition of German fantasy magazine NAUTILUS about film financing and applying for subsidies in Germany.