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    The Third Eye

    We just recently completed work on our previsualization video. That’s a rough animated version of the teaser trailer we are going to produce to check if everything will work as intended, and give us a feeling for the pacing and the mood. It is also a playing ground to try out different layout sound effects and music themes. And last but not least the whole project becomes tangible now for all artists involved, they can see and hear where we are heading towards. All in all it turned out quite well and clocks in at around 3:30 minutes.

    In other news: We have found our shooting loation in the meantime. It is quite close to our home city Stuttgart, located in Böblingen (yes, that’s where the Mercedes are manufactured) – an abandoned rundown building under monumental protection that once has been the entrance office of former Böblingen airport that is just about to be transformed into a new city district. You can see it featured here in this video, surrounded by some new modern buildings that have already been built.

    We also had the option to return to Wackershofen where we shot most parts of “Die Farbe” but despite the full support we would have received by the museum’s administration and much better working conditions there we decided for this building, because of its old wooden walls with peeled-off white paint. We will take one larger room and bring it to life with props – and two actors.