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    Just so that no one thinks we are sitting idle – here is the current VFX breakdown for our short movie. Green means done and yellow means half-way done. We spent the last 8 months editing and shaping this beast (all the while negotiating and discussing “The Dreamlands” with our would-be partners) and will dedicate the next 5 months in completing it. Currently a small team of around a dozen highly motivated artists is working on this. Can’t wait to show you more!

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    Coast of Cathay

    A lot has happened, but now unfortunately nothing really happened:

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    Huan Vu interviewed by LOVECRAFTER magazine by the German Lovecraft Society – this first edition is putting focus on Lord Dunsany, who has been an important influence on H.P. Lovecraft, especially visible in the Dreamlands stories.

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    One foot in front of the other…

    It’s a wrap for the short film after two-and-a-half additional shooting days last week-end! We had a great time together with really beautiful amazing results.

    This picture shows me spontaneously directing my personal Terrence Malick tribute shot :D – Water level wasn’t that high when we scouted two weeks ago. Love it when random luck makes a good idea even better.

    Big thanks to the whole crew and cast – and our incredible supporters at Ludwig Kameraverleih who made this possible! <3

    Meanwhile “The Dreamlands” are lurking behind the Wall of Sleep, more news very soon…


  5. 098


    A new key artwork and an overview of the latest screenplay revision:

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    Another dimension

    Glimpses from another dimension! A short behind-the-scenes clip of our recent short film production:

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    First Glimpse

    Since we don’t have a lot to tell right now and we feel bad letting you all wait… Why not show you a glimpse of the script we worked so long and hard on? Here is the first page (it won’t give away anything about the story):

    The Dreamlands Screenplay – Page 1

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    Comic Con Germany

    The Dreamlands at Comic-Con Germany in Stuttgart. Huge crowd, but no one dressed up as Cthulhu?!

  9. 096


    Finally something to announce! Most certainly not what you expected. Let us hear your thoughts.

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    Second rank

    Sadly we didn’t win the German Animation Screenplay Award, but we’re proud about coming second place. It was a tough competition, our congrats go to screenwriter John Chambers for his third-time win and his “Olchis” project, based on the famous children’s book series by Erhard Dietl.