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    Other Gods – Part 1

    From time to time we would like to share with you where we will draw inspiration from for this project, be it artistically or in terms of production spirit. First entry is dedicated to a unique independent film project from UK that we have stumbled upon last week: The UnderWater Realm

    A group of devoted and enthusiastic young film makers embarked on the incredible task to create five short films mostly playing underwater to showcase their concept for a fantasy film trilogy about the mythical people of Atlantis. Many hours of behind-the-scenes footage show their dedication and hard work in the last few years to make it happen and if you haven’t seen them yet, head over to their webpage and watch the five finished short films that they have published last December. It is truly impressive and for us, as fellow independent film makers being in quite the same boat, a huge boost for our own endeavours.

    We really hope they can fulfill their dream and someone big from Hollywood will call them up to get this started. And let’s hope we can achieve something in that league to reach a similar position. But don’t expect us to go underwater and make five short films in a row – we’re rather bad swimmers …