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    A Dream-Quest

    So what is this all about? Here is the whole story: After numerous times that people who had seen and liked our last film asked us what would be next on our list, for the most part of the last two years we didn’t have an answer. For me as the director and writer it was crucial to find another story as fascinating to me as “The Colour Out of Space”, a story with a deeper theme that would resonate within. There are many stories by H.P. Lovecraft that are really great and effective, but many lack such a hidden core, worthwile to be explored and transformed in the form of a motion picture. Among non-Lovecraftian ideas we toyed around with “The Temple” for a while (oh yeah, German u-boats!) but abandoned it in the end. Not so much because of the u-boat and many scenes with water and underwater, which is very hard to do, but more because of the story arc that doesn’t translate too well into a full movie. In typical Lovecraftian manner there is no third act, the idea of “The Temple” is great, the effect is strong, but with no additions to the story you would only end up with a short film with an open end. And that’s just not enough for all the needed effort, we concluded.

    So what else? One day at the start of 2012 a new idea came up: “Celephais” has always been one of my favourite stories because of its sad emotional core and after reading a comic adaptation by the amazing Jason Bradley Thompson as well as his rendering of “The White Ship” and “The Strange High House in the Mist” a seed was planted in my head. In late summer 2012, after completing two other treatments for possible films, and reading “The Dream-Quest to Unknown Kadath” for the first time, I was ready and allowed my imagination to run really wild: a huge epic adventure urged to be put on paper. And so it happened.

    Thus, we’re not talking about an adaptation of a particular H.P. Lovecraft story. This is about a new original story that takes place in Lovecraft’s Dreamlands and there are many elements and themes taken from those stories. Our dream is to bring a whole fantasy world and some of its characters, gods and creatures to life that haven’t yet been portrayed before. Embark upon this dream-quest with us, a quest that will lead us all to a unique film experience.

    But let’s take small steps first: The teaser trailer. Consisting of a full scene that is perfectly qualified to show where we are heading.

    Right now we’re looking for a suiting shooting location – something like this. We need a hut or house with at least one side window, a nicely looking wooden door and enough space for two beds left and right and a table in the center. Its architectural design should be coastal (North Sea, Baltic Sea) or plain neutral. The older the better. But within reach for us, meaning Germany and surrounding countries. It doesn’t matter if it is in the woods, on a mountain or in a town, since we’d only shoot inside of it. Anyone with hints (also if you have seen such a hut or house in another European movie or short film – so that we could ask the filmmakers) please give a shout. Note: A wooden attic could work, too, depending on size and structure and if it would be possible to pull up two side walls.