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    Genrenale #6

    World premiere at GENRENALE6! The new Dreamlands trailer will surface in the waking world during the upcoming Genrenale festival – dedicated to the latest and freshest German genre films.

  2. 117

    Vocal whippoorwills

    On Friday audio post-production on the new trailer was finally completed! Actress Malwine Lauxmann joined in with us at SoundBits studio and delivered amazing voice overs. Stay tuned!

    (Picture by: Stephan Chamier)

  3. 116

    To the other side

    A new video update with behind the scenes footage from our last shoot:

  4. 115

    In Memoriam

    “Once when the wind was soft and scented I heard the south calling, and sailed endlessly and languorously under strange stars.” – H.P. Lovecraft, “Ex Oblivione”

    No one can prepare you for a loss. It comes like a swift wind.

    Our beloved crew member Brigitte will be missed dearly. Her light-hearted spirit and kind help and support pulled us through our difficult first week of shooting. We will be forever thankful for that. Our thoughts are with her many friends and her family now, especially her husband and her son, both also members of the Dreamlands Crew.

  5. 114

    In-between Worlds

    Huan Vu “In-between Worlds” at the Dragon Days in Stuttgart, Germany – pictures by Tobias Wengert


  6. 113

    First Block of Shooting

    Quick recap of the first block of shooting

  7. 112

    Press reports

    Here is a great news article by the German Lovecraft Society about our first day of shooting in Dahn Rockland – all in German though:


    Due to exhaustion and an unfortunate series of events we had to cancel a big scene later on that was planned in Vellberg. We will have to shoot it in the next block next year. Local press adapted to the situation and instead wrote about us filming on the stairs of St. Michael in Schwäbisch Hall. (It’s the same church you can see through the windows of the laboratory in “Die Farbe” – photograph by Verena Köger)


  8. 111

    Reaching the summit

    “To dream is a necessity” – First block of shooting for ‘The Dreamlands’ completed!

  9. 110

    Voices at Night

    Here it is! It may not be Lovecraft, but it is Lovecraftian. Check it out, hope you enjoy it. More information about the project at www.eternal-war.com/project/

    Excited to see how “Eternal War” will develop further. Our next stop are the Dreamlands though – we are going to have our first block of shooting from August 24th till September 7th. Everything looks good, keep the faith and pray for good weather with us!

  10. 109

    Mount Aran

    Location Scouting in Tyrol with Cine Tirol Film Commission