Right of revocation

You may revoke the contract after up to 14 days in text format (e.g. letter, e-mail) or by sending the goods back. You do not have to provide a reason. The period starts with the receipt. Revocations have to be send to:

Vu & Roth GbR
Michaelsbergstr. 22
71364 Ludwigsburg
e-mail: shop@die-farbe.com

Revocation results
In case of effective cancellation both parties have to exchange back their efforts. If you send back damaged or incomplete goods you have to pay for the value losses. Shipping costs have to be paid by the customer if the received article meets the ordered requirements and its value does not exceed 40 EUR. The customer is charged for the shipping too, if the goods are more expensive than 40 EUR and if the payment was not yet transferred. In all other cases shipping has to be paid by the vendor. Refunds have to be completed within 30 days. Customer’s period begins with the sending of the cancellation. Vendor’s period begins with the receipt.