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  1. 009

    Träumer der Zukunft

    Morgen geht es los! Wir werden alle Requisiten und das ganze Equipment zum Drehort bringen und das Set für den ersten Drehtag am Freitag vorbereiten. Am gleichen Tag stoßen auch unsere beiden Darsteller aus London zu uns :

    BENJAMIN STERNBERG (to the left)
    In 1945 at age 16, Benjamin was chosen to play in the British premiere of Morning Star by American playwright Sylvia Reagan, at the Alhambra Theatre, Glasgow. A wise old actor he met shortly afterwards advised him not to embark on an acting career until he was older with some experience of real life, before attempting to ‘mirror’ it. He took his advice and embarked on multi-faceted business activities.

    Aged 45, the ‘Theatre Bug’ started biting hard, so he did a refresher course at LAMDA and achieved their Silver Medal, but Actors Equity (the actors union) was a closed shop at that time and refused to admit him as they had lots of unemployed members. And without an Equity card it was impossible to find work. So back to the commercial grindstone…

    Two years ago when Benjamin closed his last business, he decided he’d experienced enough ‘living’ and was ready – at 82 years old – to launch his acting career.

    He has participated in six short films since then and has been short-listed for a cameo part in a feature film.

    SCOTT CHAMBERS (to the right)
    Scott Studied a BTEC Diploma in Acting, became a member of the National Youth Theatre in 2009 and then in 2011-2012 Scott trained with various acting coaches including Mel Churcher as well as training at The Actors Centre, London. Scott is now signed to Curtis Brown, one of London’s top agencies for actors.

    Scott’s recent theatre credits include: Chicken (Southwark Playhouse, London), Siamese Twins (Theatro Technis, London), Dick Whittington (West Midlands Children’s Theatre/UK&Ireland Tour). Scott begins performing his new play “The Precariat” in July 2013 (Finborough Theatre).

    Scott’s recent film credits include; UWantMe2KillHim? (Andrew Douglas/Bad Hat Harry Productions), Ticking (Chris New), A Place For Us (Tom Hunter). Soon Scott will begin filming for the feature film screen adaption of “Chicken” reprising his role as ‘Richard’, filming begins summer 2013.

    SCOTT CHAMBERS wird unseren Helden ROLAND übernehmen, einen Waisenjungen, der mit seinem Schicksal zu kämpfen hat. BENJAMIN STERNBERG wird wiederum den SCHRECKLICHEN ALTEN MANN verkörpern, einen alten Seemann, der in Einsamkeit lebt und von den anderen Dorfbewohnern gefürchtet wird. In der Szene, die wir drehen werden, werden sich beide auf eine unglaubliche, fantastische Reise machen – eine Reise zu den TRAUMLANDEN!