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  1. 031

    Researching costumes

    Next up is Hannah Deuss, our costume designer. Yes, she’s really an archaeologist. And yes, it fits perfectly to our project!

  2. 030


    This Wednesday we are going to premiere “Into the Abyss” – the third teaser trailer for “The Dreamlands” – at the second Genrenale in Berlin. This special film festival is dedicated to German genre movies, hoping to resurrect an almost lost film culture in a nation that has long forgotten how to pronounce Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.

  3. 029

    Tear down this wall

    Let’s introduce the two artists who created our crumbling Wall of Sleep that you saw in our first teaser trailer: Matte painter Chris Reinfels and VFX technical director Juri Bryan. While Juri is a young and aspiring film school graduate, Chris is a veteran of several big budget Hollywood productions. Both their professional experience and dedication will help us to make the passage beyond any wall.

  4. 028

    Lovecraft eZine Interview

    Yesterday director Huan Vu took part in Lovecraft eZine‘s weekly video chat and talked about “Die Farbe” and “The Dreamlands”:

  5. 027

    Huan Vu

    And now It’s time to introduce the creative mind at the helm of this project: Director, Writer and Producer Huan Vu who just recently turned 32. Learn about how everything came together and ultimately led to this.

  6. 026

    Storm in the Night

    Today not only marks the birthday of Edgar Allan Poe but also of director and writer Huan Vu. And so we proudly present our second teaser trailer for “The Dreamlands”! Go have a look if you want to know what happened in the night before Roland awakens and opens that door …

    In six weeks we will start our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Stay in touch via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or by subscribing to our newsletter!

  7. 025

    Other Gods – Part 2

    Almost a year has passed since we discussed the inspiring spirit of the independent film project “The UnderWater Realm”. Now another great example from Europe has emerged: “Kung Fury”! Don’t miss the trailer of this action comedy in the style of a 80’s action flick, it will blow your mind.

    Currently “Kung Fury” has reached more than 460,000 USD, far more than its necessary budget of 200.000 USD. That’s absolutely impressive and a true inspiration to us. Could this be the brink of a new era of independent movies? Crowdfunding has been around for a longer time, but it has been unthinkable to finance bigger film projects by this way until “Iron Sky” showed up a couple of years ago and proved the opposite. Timo Vourensola’s sci-fi comedy about Nazis on the Moon managed to collect around 1.5 million USD by fans and then grew to a big theatrical release with a budget at around 9.5 million USD thanks to governmental subsidies and private investors.

    Last year two other feature film projects managed to set new records: The Veronica Mars Movie and Zach Braff’s “Wish I Was Here” both surpassed their 2 million USD minimum target. There has been some controversy about it, since both projects were started by established people in the industry and thus weren’t truly independent in spirit. Some would even argue that crowdfunding culture could be destroyed if more and more film projects by the industry would draw attention away from smaller projects by emerging talents.

    We don’t think this will happen. We firmly believe in crowdfunding as the best way to bring special film projects to life. Special and unusual ideas like “Kung Fury” will always prevail. Hollywood professionals may be jumping on the bandwagon, but big projects also help to introduce more people to this way of cultural participation and thus can’t be a bad thing. If you ask us, the future of independent filmmaking looks bright.

    Unfortunately, we just don’t know if there really are enough H.P. Lovecraft fans out there to make our own dreams come true. We will find out soon!

  8. 024

    Door Wide Open

    We hope you have had a cozy holiday season and had a good time on New Year’s Eve. We’re wishing you all a Happy New Year!

    Next up for our introductions are two of the most important memers of our crew: Director of Photography Martin Vincent Kolbert and Sound Designer Christian Späth. Traditionally both heads of department like to battle each other on set but both got along very well when we were shooting “Die Farbe”. Let’s hope we can bring both magicians together soon again!

  9. 023

    Jan Roth

    It’s time to introduce some of our key crew members! First up is Jan Roth, main partner in crime in the production of “Die Farbe”. He returned to “The Dreamlands” two months ago from his freelance work for the German animated feature film “The 7th Dwarf” that will be released next year in theaters.

    We can’t show you what he is modelling, texturing and animating right now for “The Dreamlands”, but it ‘s going to be something really special! You will see it in March.

    In the meantime you can read more about Jan here in the new crew section of our website. We will continue to introduce other crew members from time to time in the next two months.

    Happy holidays to all!

  10. 022


    Many thanks for the positive feedback we have received so far! We’re glad that so many enjoyed our first teaser trailer. Next up is Christmas time and so we thought we should show you the slightly revised video message we recorded for the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Los Angeles at the end of September. Audience there could watch an early version of the teaser trailer. And since we had no website at that point, we thought we should explain a few things about this project and have some fun. Some of you have already asked us why we’re waiting so long, indicating they’re already convinced to support us. Here is the answer by co-producer Ephraim Wörner:

    We won’t sit around daydreaming though: Work on the second and third teaser trailer has already begun. Our contributing illustrators (we call them ‘visionaries’) have started to sketch out design concepts. We are collecting ideas for interesting rewards that we can offer you in March. And we will shoot our campaign video in the next few weeks – which definitely will turn out better than this first experiment here.

    Many thanks to Jody Lindke from California who gave us permission to use her lovely Cthulhu Claus in our video message. You can see her Cthulhu Claus Greeting Cards here on Kickstarter where her project was successfully funded a year ago. Be quick and follow this link if you would like to purchase some cards in time for this coming Christmas!